Incredibly responsive person, I have had to use him for several different occasions, and every time he has delivered. When you find yourself with any type of legal question or need help, he is definitely the one to call. There’s nothing he can’t do.

He’s committed, helpful, easy to work with, and the icing on the cake is that he is a Galveston native. Definitely use this legal team!


I have used Johnathan more times than I would like to admit some very good things some bad. Everything from tickets, a small civil settlement, a divorce and help with adoption. He’s is the best at what he does and never let me down. He made everything very easy with very little effort on my part. I can assure you whatever it is you can trust Johnathan and his team to get it done. I would give 10 stars if I could.

Thank you Johnathan if I have not said it enough.


Johnathan is a great lawyer , he knows his stuff. I told him about my case and he took care of it immediately with no problems whatsoever. You’re getting your money’s worth with him.


My cased got dismissed! Great lawyer that will work for you. I’ve recommend Jonathan to all of my clients….


If you need a DWI attorney this is the firm to use! Jonathan Zendeh Del helped me through one of the worst days in my life and got my DWI case dismissed. He is helpful, informative, and will fight to get you the best result possible.


Jonathan is the best lawyer in Galveston. Hands down! Very professional. Reasonable prices. Great quality services.


A great and honest lawyer, explained the processes my case would go through and kept me informed throughout. I would recommend Mr.Zendeh Del to anyone.


John and his associates have helped me numerous times, always with favorable results. Very easy to work with by offering unmatched communication and transparency in the entire legal process.

Coach Lewis

Zendeh Del & Associates dedicated lawyers sorted out conflicting issues in my DWI case and worked diligently to dismiss all charges. Thanks for helping me during a challenging time of my life!!!!!


Zendeh del is like the best lawyer i have ever had! Had a case that did not look so good and he was willing to take it. He fought hard for me and was very professional about everything! Most lawyer would of probably made me plead or settle for less but not zendeh del! I Trusted him in all his moves and and in the end had my assault charges dismissed!!! Very reasonable prices for high quality laywer of profession.


Jonathan is one of the most knowledgeable and professional attorneys I have had the pleasure of working with. I highly recommend him.


This was my 3rd case, 4th charge, that I have received. 2 POM, 1 resisting, and an assualt. Johnathan represented me very well and got me out of the courts with a dismiss on everything. He really goes out of his way to help. Thanks a lot!


Jonathan represented me in one case and got that dismissed. A few weeks later I got arrested for the same thing and he got that case dismissed also! Jonathan has my business for life. He not only took care of me in the courtroom, but he consoled me when I worried. If you are arrested and are worrying about your future, your job, and your reputation, don’t trust your future to anyone else. Call Jonathan today. He will take care of you.

Ryan says: I strongly recommend hiring Jonathan Zendeh Del

If you find yourself needing an attorney in Galveston County, I strongly recommend hiring Jonathan Zendeh Del. I was charged with a dwi. in Galveston, and after I did some research online (looking for a good attorney) I scheduled a meeting with Jonathan the next day. I highly recommend him for both the results he produced: getting my dwi case dismissed, and also for the way Jonathan handled my case from the start to the finish. I made a mistake several years back by hiring an attorney without doing much research on and it ended up costing me dearly. If I ever end up needing a lawyer again in Galveston, Zendeh Del will represent me.

Charles Says: Jonathan is an A+ lawyer in my book!

Jonathan represented me in a possession of marijuana case that I was arrested on earlier this year. I know I messed up – I let the officer search my car. The officer found the marijuana in the car and arrested me. My car was towed and I went to jail. I called Jonathan after visiting his website and seeing the reviews that he had online. I can tell you from first-hand experience that he is a good lawyer. He did what he said he would do, he kept me informed, and he listened to me. He was able to get the case DISMISSED! (I have no idea how, but I’m not worried about that).

I would definitely hire him again if I got in trouble again. He wasn’t cheap, but he got the job done exceptionally well. After he represented me I have sent two of my friends to him and he got them similar results.

Jonathan is an A+ lawyer in my book!

A Criminal Defense Client says: Don’t trust your future with anyone else

Was facing a drug charge that was going to end my career if I did not get it dismissed in three months. Johnathan came threw for me and saved my life literally. He got the case dismissed without me seeing one day in court . Don’t trust your future with anyone else., thanks a zillion Johnthan you saved my ***


Jonathan Zendeh Del represented me in a dwi case earlier this year. I thought I was f***ed when I accidentally admitted to the cop that I was drinking and failed the field sobriety tests. My parents hired Jonathan to represent me in the case, and I’m glad that they did. I don’t know how he did it, but he got the case dismissed!

I learned a few things from Jonathan: (1) never talk to cops, (2) refuse all dwi tests, and (3) CALL JONATHAN IF YOU GET ARRESTED!

Peer Review: Worked together on matter

I have known Jonathan for about 7 years. He is intelligent, professional, and dedicated to his clients. I highly endorse Jonathan for all misdemeanor and felony criminal defense cases including DWI in Galveston and surrounding areas. – Jonathan Randolph, Litigation Lawyer in Kingwood, TX

I had Jonathan help me out with some…

I had Jonathan help me out with some legal problems I was having. First, I’d like to point out that after going to several other initial consultations to other attorneys in Galveston, I knew right away Jonathan was the attorney for me. He was the only one who took the time to actually listen. Not only did he counsel me legally, but also was able to counsel me personally through this difficult time. More attorneys should be like him and look at us clients like we are people and not just giant cash symbols.

The first thing about Zendeh Del

The first thing about Zendeh Del & Associates is the amazing service and experience you get for the price! They are very knowledgeable about the law and they go above and beyond. I had an issue and I was very worried. I couldn’t sleep at night. I contacted Mr. Zendeh Del and he took care of everything. He really puts your at ease and you can really trust him. If it wasn’t for him, I don’t know what I would do. I would definitely recommend him over any other lawyer I’ve ever dealt with.

Charges filed?

Charges filed? CASE DISMISSED!

I couldn’t be happier with their performance and attention to details.

I have nothing but good things to say…

I have nothing but good things to say about this lawyer, he handles things expidiciously and gave me phenominal results. I would and have refered anyone I know to Zendeh Del & Associates.

Worked together on matter; Family Law; I endorse this lawyer.

Mr. Zendeh Del is and always has been a top notch attorney. I would highly recommend him. We worked together for some Family law matters and he is always responsive and takes care of his clients.

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