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Galveston County Police Crackdown on DWI Offenders

Police county-wide are participating in a Driving While Intoxicated (“DWI”) task force consisting of extra officers patrolling the street in search of suspects who are driving under the influence.  The task force, funded by a grant by the Texas Department of Transportation, funds up to fifty (50) additional officers who are assigned to patrolling the streets looking for drunk drivers this holiday season.

If you are being pulled over right now on the suspicion of DWI, click here now and read what you should do.

If you have already been arrested for DWI in Galveston County, Texas, know your rights and know the law.

If you have been arrested for DWI in Galveston County, Texas, you need an experienced DWI lawyer. If you have already been arrested for DWI, know your rights and know the law, read our DWI page, and call our Galveston, Texas DWI defense lawyers to discuss your rights. Your Texas driver’s license is not automatically suspended. You have fifteen (15) days following your DWI arrest to request a hearing on your Texas driver’s license. We can often delay or prevent your driver’s license from being suspended altogether. Call our Galveston, Texas-based office to discuss your DWI options today.