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Zendeh Del & Associates, PLLC is proud of their history of helping clients face some of the toughest times of their lives. Our dedication has resulted in many successful case outcomes and we are committed to protecting our clients’ rights, freedom, and reputation. We strive to remain available to answer any questions or concerns and provide personalized legal solutions to every case we take on. Read testimonials from our past clients then contact our Galveston attorneys to schedule a free consultation.

  • I would give more than 5 stars if I could
    I would give more than 5 stars if I could. Johnathan was awesome in my DWI case & took care of everything on his part very quickly as promised. We ended up taking my case to trial and he absolutely nailed it, needless to say, we beat the case and he received compliments from the jury, the state, the judge, and everybody involved in the courtroom. I highly recommend him.

    - R.S.

  • I’m glad I’ve got legal representation I can TRUST
    Worth every penny. A lot of lawyers talk a big game to get your money. This isn’t the “case”. I shopped lawyers and wasn’t impressed by anyone. Called Jonathan and it’s was an easy decision. That’s saying something considering how much all lawyers are these days. It was money well spent. I Hope I never have to hire him again, but if something happens I’m glad I’ve got legal representation I can TRUST. No to mention they will not ASK for a win, but they will take it.

    - Kevin Johnson

  • Impeccable service and they provided me with the BEST outcome possible.
    If you are reading this review because you recently got a DWI and are looking around for an attorney, you can stop looking and give them a call. Impeccable service and they provided me with the BEST outcome possible. My case will be getting dismissed! BAC - over twice the legal limit Video discovery footage - It did not look great. I only wish I could give more stars!

    - L.W.

  • Representing me flawlessly
    I can not stress enough how capable Jonathan Zendeh Del and his entire staff are. Jonathan was able to get my charges reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor and avoided any jail time for me. He was additionally able to avoid a probation violation by representing me flawlessly in contested court. Guys, the judge literally pointed out how qualified my attorney is immediately after his judgement... The judge. There is no review that can top that. I also want to mention Gabe Perez, another very capable attorney and member of the team who provided excellent professional services and prompt responses to me and my family. Also Dorothy, who as a paralegal also provided prompt and professional communication with everything related to my case. Again, I can not express enough how satisfied I am with the decision to hire Jonthan Zendeh Del and Associates. I highly recommend them.

    - Jesse

  • Certainly the best for DWI's!
    Seriously, you need to have this number programed into your phone, they are most certainly the best for DWI's! Worth every penny.

    - Karen

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  • Top notch professionals
    Zendeh Del & Associates are top notch professionals. Always there at court , always answers my questions, and always ready to win!!! I picked the right team to help me get my case dismissed. I put full confidence In them and let them do their job. I was nervous I was going to lose my license To practice plus getting written from it showing on my driving record due to a DWI but they took Good care of things . I didn’t lose my drivers license, I didn’t lose my license to practice, and the case got dismissed!!! Again I can’t Thank You enough 😀

    - Nealda

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  • He committed to me to fight for my rights
    I was in a tight spot, and needed an attorney that would fight for me, and represent me in a DWI case. I called around and eventually spoke to the Zendeh-Del law firm. Spoke to Johathan himself. The price was fair, and he committed to me to fight for my rights, and that he would aggressively challenge evidence. We went to work right away. I cannot express my gratitude enough, nor could I recommend a better attorney. DWI Case DISMISSED. When I got the phone call from him advising that the case was DISMISSED, I had to sit down and compose myself. I highly recommend the ZENDEH-DEL Team!!!

    - Joe

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  • Thank You for a job well done!
    Words cannot express how grateful I am for the services of Mr. Zendeh Del. His expertise and experience lead to my case being dismissed and I am glad I had him representing me. On behalf of myself and my family ---Thank You for a job well done!

    - Brian

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  • They handled my case like true professionals
    From start to finish they handled my case like true professionals. Great communication throughout the process and they never promised anything that they couldn’t deliver. Had 2 charges against me and BOTH were dismissed!! Can’t say enough about the team and their hard work.. Thanks again!!

    - Michael

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  • Two thumbs up
    Wonderful find! These people really helped me out! I called the office and talked to Mr. Zendeh Del himself. He made me feel comforted, listened to and reassured. He sounded very confident and with me being so far away even, I was left after the call feeling confident as well. A while before the end of the day, I was in touch with his assistant and two days later was given the call by the attorney himself to be given the good news that all charges have been dropped and again I didn’t leave San Antonio and never personally met him. So, I will absolutely give this guy two thumbs up! I am blessed and less stressed to have found him.

    - S

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  • Prompt, professional, and understanding
    Zendeh Del and associates were able to help me out immensely! They were prompt, professional, and understanding. I found that communication was easy with prompt responses. I was able to get my case dismissed and off my record immediately. I felt as though my lawyers were extremely effective and concerned about getting and giving me the best outcome that they could.

    - Sandra

  • He and his staff took the most care
    My experience with this firm was amazing from start to finish . They have very fair rates , and are extremely professional and polite . Jhonthan worked a miracle for me and I still am in shock . My case was completely dismissed , even with my priors. I was extremely nervous about everything and he and his staff took the most care to insure I knew my case was in good hands . And it was !!!! Thank you all so much for your hard work and I extremely recommend this firms services to any one !!!!!!!

    - April

  • They remain #1 in Galveston
    I can not say enough GREAT things about this law firm. Trying to find a law firm that you can trust with trials and tribulations of your life was intricate, for myself anyway. Walking into a office and speaking to someone whom I had never met before regarding every aspect of my personal life I thought would be awkward but it wasn’t. Gabe and Johnathon are both amazing Attorneys in every approach they take they remain #1 in Galveston and I’m incredibly thankful to have them on my side!

    - Tiffany

  • One of the best in the state
    Quite simply, one of the best in the state. If your freedom is on the line I wouldn’t trust anyone else. He will work your case as hard as anyone. He genuinely cares about each of his clients.

    - Barrett

  • Jonathan is a genius!
    Like so many other reviewers I had an excellent experience hiring Jonathan. I got arrested for DWI coming home from the bars in Galveston. Like many of his other clients, I had a lot on the line. I risked losing my entire career. I risked my entire livelihood. I did field sobriety tests and the cop asked me for breath. I refused, and he got a warrant. The cop took me to the hospital and a nurse took my blood. Jonathan attacked EVERYTHING on the case. I was amazed to learn about defending DWI cases, and how you can fight every little technicality. Jonathan is a genius when it comes to this. He was able to find inconsistencies in many parts of my case (video, cop’s statements, police report, search warrant, nurse’s statements), and even found out that the laboratory that ran my blood had major issues. Jonathan was amazing both in the courtroom and when consoling me in his office. In such a tough time in my life, he treated me like family, and I will never forget that. In the end, MY CASE GOT DISMISSED! I am so glad I hired Jonathan and will recommend him to everyone. He wasn't cheap, but he was worth every penny I paid him. If you are arrested for DWI in Galveston County don't even think about trusting your future to anyone other than Jonathan.

    - Former Client

  • I could tell that he was on MY side and was fighting for ME.
    Jonathan represented me in a drug possession case. I am very happy with him both as a lawyer and a person. Jonathan was easy to talk; he talked to me like a friend. I knew all along that he had my best interest in mind. I could tell that he was on MY side and was fighting for ME. With Jonathan’s representation, the case was dismissed. I would hire Jonathan again in a heartbeat.

    - Pablo

    Jonathan Zendeh Del represented me in a DWI case earlier this year. I thought I was f***ed when I accidentally admitted to the cop that I was drinking and failed the field sobriety tests. My parents hired Jonathan to represent me in the case, and I’m glad that they did. I don’t know how he did it, but he got the case dismissed! learned a few things from Jonathan: (1) never talk to cops, (2) refuse all DWI tests, and (3) CALL JONATHAN IF YOU GET ARRESTED!

    - Steven

  • I couldn’t be happier.
    Jonathan is a great lawyer. He carefully gathered and reviewed all the facts in my DWI case and then expertly attacked each and every inconsistency. As a result of this diligence, he was able to get my case dismissed. I couldn’t be happier.

    - Chris

  • Saved my brother from a 5 yr sentence!
    Saved my brother from a 5 yr sentence!

    - Chris

  • Two thumbs up!
    Jonathan is a highly recommended attorney with an outstanding skill set and knowledge. I would highly recommend Jonathan’s services to anyone looking for a quick and painless experience. Most notably, during a time of high stress and confusions, I felt a level of ease, trust, and confidence letting Jonathan handle my case. I give Zendeh Del & Associates two thumbs up!

    - L.M.