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Case Result - State vs C.M. - Client Charged with DWI - Case Reduced

CASE RESULT – State of Texas vs. CM – Client charged with DWI. RESULT: Case REDUCED to reckless driving with six months of deferred adjudication.

CM was driving down the road on a sunny weekend day when he rear-ended another vehicle. The other vehicle’s driver and passenger called the police and reported that CM was intoxicated and just caused an accident.

Police rushed the scene and, without getting CM’s side of the story, immediately began performing field sobriety tests on CM.

The police officer, who was young and new, performed only one of the three standard field sobriety tests, and arrested CM for Driving While Intoxicated (“DWI”) in Galveston County.

CM bonded out and hired our firm to represent him on the Galveston County Driving While Intoxicated case.

We immediately got to work by requesting the dashcam arrest video, talking to witnesses, and reviewing the police report. Upon reviewing the police report, our office found fatal errors in the police officer’s report. Specifically, the Galveston police officer stated that he performed all three of the standard field sobriety tests and that CM showed signs of intoxication in all three tests. However, the arrest video clearly showed that the police officer only performed one test.

Armed with this ammunition, our firm negotiated a reduction of the driving while intoxicated case. CM pleaded “no contest” to reckless driving and received six months of deferred adjudication with no community service. If CM completes his six months of probation then CM will never be found guiltily of any crime and will be eligible to have the arrest and charges removed completely from his record.  Additionally, CM will never lose his driver’s license.

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