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Car accident

Case Result - State vs. J.M - Client Arrested for DWI - Case Dismissed



J.M. was driving in Galveston County late one night when she allegedly caused a head-on collision with another vehicle, allegedly causing substantial damage to both vehicles. J.M. allegedly fled the scene and left her wrecked vehicle on the road.

The driver of the other vehicle called the police, and the police quickly arrived on the scene. The police searched J.M.’s vehicle where they found her purse, with her driver’s license, and went to J.M.’s home to arrest her for misdemeanor Driving While Intoxicated in Galveston County (“DWI”). The police entered J.M.’s home without a warrant and allegedly found J.M. hiding upstairs.

J.M. was taken back to the accident scene where she allegedly performed horribly on all three standardized field sobriety tests. J.M. was arrested and a search warrant for her blood was obtained. J.M. was taken to the hospital and her blood was drawn against her will. J.M.’s blood came back over twice the legal limit.

J.M. bonded out and immediately called our office for representation for what she thought was going to be a losing battle. We were hired on the case and immediately got to work. We requested the dashcam videos and audio recordings from police cars on the scene, but the district attorney was unable to produce them. After analyzing J.M.’s story and the officers’ statements and claims, we began poking holes in the state’s DWI case. We saw the weaknesses in the state’s DWI case and set it for trial.

Before trial, because of our representation, the district attorney dismissed the driving while intoxicated (DWI) case.

J.M. served no jail time, does not have a DWI convictionher driver’s license will NOT be suspended, she did no probation, and she did no community service. Additionally, J.M. never had to sit for a trial.

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