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Galveston Approves Grant to Enforce Speeding, DWI Violations

Galveston City Council members approved a grant to fund law enforcement against dangerous driving such as speeding, distracted driving, and impaired driving.

The program – known as Selected Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) – is the result of a $50,000 grant from the Texas Department of Transportation. It provides additional funding for law enforcement efforts against unsafe and impaired drivers.

Specifically, the grant will fund the additional hours police officers will work to enforce traffic laws. Galveston Police Chief Doug Balli said the department will spend those additional hours on enforcing DWI, speed, traffic control in intersections, distracted driving, and occupant protect – particularly the use of seatbelts.

The grant’s approval comes on the heels of a 14-year-old’s death in a suspected drunken driving accident on Sept. 2. It also follows an incident in August when four people were killed after a suspected drunken driver collided with their golf cart.

What This Can Mean for You

The Selected Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) means that police may be more likely to pull over those suspected of DWI, initiate field sobriety tests, and make DWI arrests. You are at a greater risk of being arrested and charged with DWI in Galveston.

Everyone, however, is innocent until proven guilty. That means you shouldn’t let DWI charges against you go unchallenged, especially if you are unfairly accused of this offense. Our legal team at Zendeh Del & Associates, PLLC can help you fight DWI charges and other criminal accusations you may face as a result of the increased presence of law enforcement due to STEP. Securing a better outcome is possible.

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